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        Single screw extruder business card

        發布時間:2011-12-16 16:54:47

        Single screw extruder is mainly used for extrusion of soft, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other thermoplastic, can be processed a variety of plastic products, such as blown film, squeeze pipe, platen, ribbon, etc., can also be used for melting Granulation. Shijiazhuang Rising plastic extruder design advanced, high quality, good plastic, low energy consumption, the use of involute gear drive, with low noise, smooth operation, bearing capacity, long life and other characteristics.

        What is the principle and structure of a single screw extruder used as a common extruder equipment for the plastics processing industry? The following from the extruder conveyor section, compression section, the measurement section to the principle of a single screw extruder to do an analysis.

        Single screw extruder is generally divided into three sections in the effective length, according to the screw diameter size, pitch, screw depth to determine the effective length of three sections, generally divided by one third of each division.

        KESJ series of high efficiency single screw extruder with two-step overall design, strengthen the plasticizing function to ensure high-speed high-performance stable extrusion, special barrier BM-type comprehensive mixing design to ensure that the material mixing effect, high The shear low melt plasticization temperature ensures high quality low temperature and low pressure metering of the material. Design concept and characteristics: high-speed on the basis of high-speed, high-yield extrusion.

        Single screw extruder principle: the last thread of the mouth of the mouth began to call the delivery section of materials here can not be plasticized, but to warm up, pressure squeeze, the old extrusion theory that the material is loose , And later proved by the material here is actually a solid plug, that is where the material is squeezed after a solid like a plug, so as long as the completion of the delivery task is its function.

        single screw extruder principle: the second paragraph is called the compression section when the trough volume from the big gradually smaller, and the temperature to achieve the degree of plastic material, where the compression generated by the transport section three, where compressed to one, This is called the screw compression ratio - 3: 1, some machines have changed, complete the plasticized material into the third paragraph.

        single screw extruder principle: the third paragraph is the measurement section here to maintain the plasticization temperature of the material, just like the metering pump as accurate and quantitative delivery of melt materials to supply the head, this time the temperature can not be lower than plastic Temperature, generally slightly higher.

        SJ series single screw extruder mainly for the extrusion of soft, hard polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and other thermoplastic materials, it and the corresponding auxiliary (including forming head) with a variety of plastic products can be processed, Such as film, tube, plate, ribbon, etc., can also be used for granulation.

        Mingfa plastic extruder design advanced, high quality, good plastic, low energy consumption, the use of involute gear drive, with low noise, smooth operation, bearing capacity, long life and other characteristics.

        High-speed single-screw extruder main purpose

        Pipe Extrusion: Suitable for PP-R pipe, PE gas pipe, PEX cross-linked pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe, ABS pipe, PVC pipe, HDPE silicon core tube and various co-extruded composite pipe.

        sheet and sheet extrusion: for PVC, PET, PS, PP, PC and other profiles and sheet extrusion. Other kinds of plastic extrusion such as silk, stick and so on.

        Extrusion of profile: Adjust the extruder speed and change the structure of the extrusion screw can be applied to the production of PVC, polyolefin and other plastic profiles. Modified granulation: suitable for a variety of plastic blending, modification, enhanced granulation.

        The design concept is as follows:

        ◎ high-quality, high-yield extrusion on a high quality basis.

        ◎ low temperature plastic design concept, to ensure the extrusion of high-quality products.

        ◎ two-stage overall design, strengthen the plasticization function, to ensure the adjustment of high-performance extrusion.

        ◎ special barrier, BM integrated mixing design, to ensure that the material mixing effect.

        ◎ high torque output, extra large thrust bearings.

        ◎ gear, shaft for high-strength alloy steel, carburizing, grinding teeth treatment.

        ◎ high hardness, high finish, ultra low noise.

        ◎ PLC intelligent control, can achieve the linkage between the main and auxiliary aircraft.

        ◎ easy to monitor the man-machine interface, easy to understand the processing and machine status.

        ◎ can be replaced according to the need for control (temperature control instrument).

        ◎ material for the 38CrMoAL / A nitriding, wear.

        ◎ strict temperature control accuracy, air cooling cold combination of cooling.

        ◎ unique inlet design, with a perfect water cooling device.

        ◎ with a groove surface feeding the bottom of the barrel, with enhanced feed function, for high-speed high-yield extrusion provides a guarantee.

        (Source: Zhanhong Knowledge Center)

        Shantou Mingfa Machinery Co., Ltd.

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