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        Necessary knowledge of extruder operators

        發布時間:2011-12-14 15:19:21

        The use of the equipment are inseparable from the corresponding working personnel of the operation, maintenance and maintenance, professional operation personnel should have a certain skills, for extruder speaking, extrusion machine equipment production operators, equipment, prolong maintenance is extruder the service life of the main person in charge of each operator should understand, reduce extruder maintenance, replacement parts number, extend the extruder work use fixed number of year, is to reduce the production of plastic products cost and improve the economic benefit of the important measures. Equipment in the best condition can long-term work, plastic products' quality and output stability, is to ensure that production enterprise have higher profit of the basic conditions.

            Extruder by action can be divided into type continuous extrusion and the continuous extrusion. Plastics extrusion machine is also a kind of plastic machinery. Crowded with plastic material flow in accordance with the direction and screw the center line Angle, will head into bevel head (Angle 120 o) and right Angle head. The exterior of the nose is bolted on the fuselage, the nose in a punch mould sit, and in line with fixed nuts into port, the core of the seat in front of a punch, punch and die cores of the seat with a hole center, used for polishing through.

            An excellent operator can give an enterprise save a lot of problems, the operator is able to carefully follow the equipment operation procedures work, responsible for due diligence, is the best of equipment maintenance. So, the new workers before work, must learn it well, remember what extruder operation rules, the actual operation assessment and should know should test, to formal mount guard, independent operation.

            Shantou clearly sends the machinery Co., LTD. Was set up for more than 20 years, has been committed to the plastics extrusion and hot forming technology research and development, has a number of independent intellectual property rights and patent technology achievements. At present the main product has the plastic multi-layer co-extruding sheet material machine, automatic plastic molding machine, hot POF multi-layer co-extruding heat shrinkable film blowing machine and efficient plastic recycling granulator and so on six big series more than 20 advanced equipment. With high technical content, form a complete set reasonable, energy saving efficiency, easy to operate. With "humanist, to the honesty, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development" the principle, abide by the "quality is the life of enterprise, credit standing is the guarantee of the development of faith, the products are sold well to more than 30 countries and regions, enjoy higher reputation. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, and obtain the measurement assurance system certificate.

        Our enterprise name: Shantou Mingfa Machinery CO., LTD.


            Thanks for attention.