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        Plastic crusher use and maintenance of the eight points for attention

        發布時間:2011-11-25 15:06:59
        Plastic crusher, just as its name implies is broken plastic crusher In the injection molding machine or the polymer in the production of raw materials at the same time, the defective product and shuikou expected, can timely input machine side plastic crusher, after crushing OK, and keep the crush of clean Dry in the rain is expected to proportional valve under the condition of constant proportion, raw material crushing and runner molding, manufacturing fine products, recycling.

            The use of plastic crusher and maintenance points.
            1、Before starting, human will be driving wheel shall be used to move one or two laps, after confirm the flexible movement, began to open the plastic crusher, wait for a plastic crusher running normal level after feeding.
            2、Before you stop plastic crusher operation, should be to stop the feeding machine and material in the net, and then cut off the motor power.
            3、Attention should be paid to the temperature of the bearing in the operation, ensure keep good lubrication condition, and pay attention to the presence of abnormal sound and vibration Found the abnormal situation, the first should be stop check is not easily broken objects stuck, or plastic crusher has been damaged.
            4、To keep the plastic crusher feeding uniform, prevent overload Beware of metal and wood, unable broken objects into the machine Cannot be broken, the moisture can not too high; Wet broken, the need to maintain the proper water, prevent blockage due to lack of water, reduce the production capacity.
            5、Check the broken product particle size is in accordance with the requirements If in excess of the prescribed size particles of too much, you should find out the reason (such as screen of the gap is too large, discharging mouth too wide, and the hammer wear, etc.), and to take appropriate measures to eliminate.
            6、Plastic crusher parking, want to check whether the fastening bolts is strong, easy to wear parts wear how for toothed crusher, parking should also use the opportunity to get rid of sandwiched between the teeth of wood.
            7、Worn parts, should be timely replacement or repair.
            8、Plastic crusher insurance device, keep in good condition, not to save trouble, and make the safety device failure.